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Staircase Access and Ladders

Our temporary staircases provide workers with safe, easy access to and from excavations during construction. Access staircases help improve safety with the addition of handrails, reducing the risk of falls amongst site personnel and improving site conditions. Plus, allows personnel to work more efficiently with an easy way to access the site area and equipment.

We supply temporary staircase and ladder hire for construction, often used in conjunction with our cantilevered ladder access platforms for additional safety during excavation work.


Allows safe entry and egress from excavations
Stairs and ladders available in various lengths
The temporary staircase is foldable for ease of storage and transportation
For long term or permanent use, our ladders are also available to buy

Staircase Access

Our temporary steel staircase offers an ideal solution for construction workers completing excavations or work across multiple levels. The access staircase's handrails automatically adjust to the correct height, providing safe excavation steps for a range of depths. 

You can hire the temporary staircase in a variety of lengths, which can be installed at variable gradients dependent on the excavation's depth requirements. Complete with a foldable design for ease of storage and transportation, our temporary staircase makes life on site much easier. Once on site, our temporary staircase is easy to install and remove.



Our access equipment range includes our steel and timber* ladders, available in a variety of lengths from 3m to 8m and can accommodate excavation depths of 1.5m to 6.5m.

Our temporary ladders are designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, offering a convenient way to access excavation trenches and multiple levels with little disruption to construction work.

View our full range of excavation support equipment in our Groundworks hire range.

*Timber ladders are available for sale only. For more information, go to Product Sales.



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