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Q-Kap is an award-nominated universal trench sheet driving tool. It fits directly onto the quick hitch on the excavator, eliminating the need for working at height and creating a safer method of working.


Available in 2 pin diameters - to suit a range of excavators
Enables the controlled driving of trench sheets into the ground
Increases productivity - no need to move the Q-Kap from sheet to sheet
Reduces damage - to both trench sheet and excavators

Our Q-Kap

Q-Kap is compatible with all our Trench Sheet profiles, and because it fits directly onto the excavator, you don't have to move it from sheet to sheet. 

It is available in a 60mm and 80mm pin diameters, to suit a range of excavators.

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Q Kap helps drive trench sheet or sheet pile into the ground


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    • Name

      Q-Kap 60mm Pin

      Pin diameter (mm)


      Length (mm)


      Width (mm)


      Height (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Name

      Q-Kap 80mm Pin

      Pin diameter (mm)


      Length (mm)


      Width (mm)


      Height (mm)


      Weight (kg)


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