Environmental Monitoring

Portable Vibration Monitor

The perfect solution for shorter term or multiple ad-hoc measurements, this portable vibration monitoring solution has been specifically designed to be robust and easy to use – ideal for construction and demolition environments.


Simple, intuitive touchscreen operation - easy to use
Lightweight, portable unit - can easily be moved around site
Battery operated with mains charger - ensures continual, uninterrupted use
Data is stored to the unit memory, for USB download - for analysis at a later stage

Our Portable Vibration Monitor

Housed in a virtually unbreakable, IP67 rated case, our Portable Vibration Monitor can be moved around site as a project progresses and features audible and visual alert beacons to warn of any breaches.

Our Portable Vibration Monitor is fully compliant to BS7385, BS5228 and DIN4150-2 and ideal for use in a wide range of applications for example:

  • Construction and demolition activities
  • Piling projects and Groundworks
  • Party wall agreements
  • Rail embankment monitoring
  • Buried services monitoring
  • Traffic surveys

Portable vibration monitoring case

Where the effect of construction activity needs to be measured over a longer period, our Enviroguard is an ideal alternative. Containing multiple sensors, it is able to measure a large number of factors from a single unit, including vibration. 

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