Excavator Mounted Augers


What are Excavator Mounted Augers?

Our Excavator Mounted Augers provide the perfect solution when driving into stiff ground conditions. The auger breaks up the soil, turning cohesive soil (high clay content) into non-cohesive soil, making it easier to drive trench sheets into the ground.

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Auger CGI

Key Features:

  • Range of models available to fit various sizes of excavator
  • Auger is mounted to the excavator in the same way as the Excavator Mounted Vibrator, which reduces the need for the additional crane equipment.
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8000 Max
S6 Series
20,000 Max
S6 Series
35,000 Max
S6 Series
Torque range (Nm)2717-815213043-1956420510-35323
Height (mm)78011301411
Diameter (mm)269345406
Weight (kg)111269442
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Also available


Excavator Mounted Vibrators

Our EMVs are suitable for driving and extracting a range of Mabey sheeting and piling.


Trench Sheeting

Trench Sheeting and Light Piling

Used to support the ground at the sides of trenches and excavations.


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