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  • <h2>System 160</h2>
<p>The high-strength system for the most demanding formwork jobs. Higher load capacities throughout the system drastically reduce the number of components required, consequently reducing assembly and striking times. This can significantly increase the number of pours possible in a week and reduce overall job time to a minimum.</p>
  • <h2>Mabey Hire Academy</h2>
<p>Our award-nominated Academy is a service offered by Mabey Hire to our customers as a response to a clear demand for competency training in the use of non-mechanical plant under real conditions.</p>
  • <h2>Contract Services</h2>
<p>Our Contract Services team in Garswood Lancashire manage Mabey Hire Services temporary bridging products. Our extensive range of Bridging solutions are available for hire and sale or as part of a complete subcontract package including the installation and removal of the Bridge.</p>
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<p>It is important to us that you are able to access updates on our products and services at a time and place that is best for you, which is why we have created the flexibility for you to choose how and where you receive your updates, by email to your computer, tablet or smart phone, or by simple SMS text message which can be read on a standard mobile anytime anywhere.
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