Improved Aluminium Walers available now

While shallow trench jobs may be small, it’s still vital that site workers have the equipment required to deliver the project both safely and efficiently, with minimal fuss. This is where lightweight shoring equipment is ideal. 

Following customer feedback and recognising on-site challenges, we’ve made a number of modifications to our fleet of aluminium walers. These changes ensure the range offers our customers enhanced flexibility and meets the needs of the most common installation practices within the industry. 

One of these modifications allows the walers to now be suspended from one another via restraint chains. The updates also include improvements to our End Units, which can now be used with all of our Aluminium Walers, creating four-sided support when trench ends have not been battered back.

The Aluminium Waler System is designed to provide two-way support to trenches with widths from 657mm to 4317mm. The system has a load capacity of up to 80kN/m² and is suitable for use in poorer quality ground, such as trenches where ground water is present. 

Joining our MAP Box and brand-new Vertishore, our improved Aluminium Waler System provides installers and contractors with all the options they need for any site application. 

Speaking on the expanded product range, Sarah Lockhart, Product Marketing Executive at Mabey Hire said: “We know that when it comes to shallow trench support, whether that’s to aid emergency pipe repairs, investment in utility infrastructure or laying new services on a road or housing development, having equipment that aids the safe and efficient delivery of the works is vital.  A key part of this is having equipment that can adapt to the on-site conditions and is easy to manoeuvre. 

“For all of these reasons, we’re excited to be able to re-introduce our comprehensive Lightweight Shoring range, providing customers with the equipment they need to get the job done safely. Appreciating that no two trenches are the same, we’ve developed the kit so that it can all be easily adjusted to fit the trench in question.”

Give our improved Aluminium Walers a try on your next project, get in touch with your local depot here.

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