Structural Monitoring

Structural Monitoring for Buildings

A wide range of factors can affect a building during its service life. Ageing of a building, environmental factors and nearby site works are all factors that can contribute to weakening the structural integrity of a building.

Structural monitoring is used in a variety of different proactive ways to assure building owners that their assets, or neighbouring ones, remain in good structural health.


Assures asset owners that their structure remains in good structural health
Asset monitoring can detect changes when they occur
Maintenance programmes can be planned
Ensures safety on new build construction sites
Protects neighbouring properties from the effects of construction

The benefits of monitoring buildings

Buildings are subject to natural movement, however, activity in and around them imposes the risk of greater than usual movement through vibration.

This may be as a result of such things as party wall activity, adjacent piling works, internal demolitions or basement construction. In such circumstances, it is important that a monitoring solution is installed in order to protect these assets by highlighting any significant movement as soon as it occurs.

Our monitoring solutions can be used at any stage of a buildings lifecycle - throughout the construction process, on an existing building or during a nearby demolition.

The wide range of instruments that make up our structural monitoring solutions, collect data in real-time and instantly send it through to our unique web portal, Insite.

Here, our customers are able to gain valuable insight about their project or structure, enabling them to create subsequent action plans, ensuring a structure remains safe and protects against considerable costs and disruption.

Whether you need to monitor a façade retention or a building neighbouring a construction site, our expert structural monitoring engineers will design you a solution bespoke to the requirements of your individual project.

Key applications

Basement Excavation

Our bespoke wireless load monitoring solution, LIVEpin works exclusively with our excavation support systems. Implementing load monitoring on the groundworks support within large scale excavations, gives peace of mind that your project is secure.

The ground around such an excavation can also be monitored and any movement reported in real-time ensuring that the excavation remains safe.

Find out more about our LIVEpin load monitoring solution

Building Movement

Movement will occur in most buildings, but significant movement as a result of nearby works or building renovations can cause serious issues. Using our real-time monitoring solutions, we can record and observe movement over time, providing an accurate and detailed synopsis. Any structural failures in the building are therefore detected at an early stage, enabling repair plans to be put in place.



Levels of noise, dust and vibration tend to be elevated on a demolition site and so can affect people that live and work in the surrounding area.

Our Enviroguard is an all-in-one environmental monitoring system, able to measure all these factors and more. It will ensure your demolition site remains compliant to Section 61 and can be integrated with dust suppression systems to prevent limits from being reached.

Find out more about our Enviroguard solution

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