Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring in construction provides essential measurement and analysis of environmental conditions, both on and around work sites. Monitoring and managing the levels of environmental impact can help contractors and customers minimise environmental impact and comply with environmental regulations.

We provide a full installation and bespoke set-up service for all our environmental monitoring systems hired for any construction project. Our systems, for hire, can help you comply with Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 and  monitor NoiseDustVibrationVOC, Wind Speed and Direction and more.



Our Environmental Monitoring Solutions For Hire

We tailor each environmental monitoring solution to your precise requirements. Our range of environmental monitoring equipment for hire, is installed and set up by our own specialist engineers. Our Engineers install the monitoring equipment and set up reporting data to your bespoke needs.

On site environmental monitoring helps ensures construction and infrastructure projects adhere to permitted limits for noise, dust, and vibration and comply with Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974.  Whether that’s to take a baseline reading at the start of works or to review the results and impact of works, keeping within permitted limits prevents potential risks, interruptions and delays.

Environmental monitoring on a demolition construction site

You can hire a single instrument to monitor, or hire a bespoke system which monitors and reports on specific elements you need for your works, including one or all of the following;

The instruments that make up our environmental monitoring solutions, collect data in real-time and instantly send it wirelessly, to our unique web portal, called Insite.

It’s from this portal, where you can access, view and download the corresponding data from the instruments set up on or around your work site.

Short or Long-term Monitoring Solution

Our range of environmental monitoring equipment has solutions for all construction projects. Whether you need to measure one element or many our unique Enviroguard system is set up and tailored to your needs. For more short-term projects we offer portable monitoring solutions for hire too.


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