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Monitoring means minimal disruption during demolition works

Kings College, London

As part of a renovation project to one of the world’s top 10 universities, Deconstruct UK Ltd were appointed to undertake the demolition of a section of the Kings College London building. The buildings, located in central London, were demolished to make way for improved teaching facilities that would help enhance its international reputation.


Enviroguards strategically positioned around the site


sensors used


Contractors demolished section of prestigious university building as part of renovation project
Structural integrity of neighbouring buildings, noise and dust levels needed to be monitored
Enviroguard enabled customer to react as soon as a threshold was breached

Products used on this project

The challenge

While carrying out the demolition to a section of Kings College London, Deconstruct needed to monitor the structural integrity of nearby structures, reduce the risk of pollution to students and staff and minimise environmental impact. Noise, dust and vibration needed to be monitored in real time.

Our solution

We proposed that Enviroguard would be the ideal solution for this situation. Enviroguard is a static monitoring station that can be configured with any number or type of environmental sensors.

For this project the required sensors were:

  • PM10 dust and particulate monitor
  • Class 1 noise monitor
  • Tri-axial vibration sensor

Multiple units of Enviroguard were strategically placed around the site. The siting points were chosen in order to optimise the readings around the most sensitive areas of the college.

Enviroguard was the ideal choice for Deconstruct due to the familiarity of the system and ease of use for the project team.The modular system design allowed for the units to be changed during the project duration, so sensors could be added or removed as the project demanded.

Enviroguard streamed measurements in real-time to our web portal, Insite. Once logged in through to our secure servers, Deconstruct managers could view data from one or multiple stations/sensors via single page view or via multi-site. Sensors could be grouped via geographical area, type or parameter and measurements presented from any time frame chosen in graphical or tabular format.

Trigger levels were pre-programmed into the system to generate an email to authorised users as soon as a threshold level was breached. This allowed Deconstructs management team to react quickly and ensure corrective action was taken.

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