Our Manhole Braces are the ideal solution for bracing small cofferdams in order to ensure the safe construction of manholes, or when carrying out repairs to similar size excavations.


Multiple options available - with either single acting or double acting hydraulic cylinder
Available in a range of sizes - from 1.55-5.02m
Single acting brace - clear internal dimensions 1270-3930mm
Double acting brace - clear internal dimensions 1405-4660mm

Our Manhole Brace

This 4 way hydraulic bracing system is available in two variants, single and double acting. The single acting variant provides adjustment by means of mechanical and hydraulic extension. The legs are extended hydraulically and retracted manually. The double acting type extends and retracts using hydraulics.

groundworks support equipment for basement construction

Single Acting Manhole Brace has an external working range from 1550mm to 4260mm.                       

Double Acting Manhole Brace has an external working range from 1765mm to 5020mm.

For more information on minimum and maximum working ranges see our Groundworks Support Brochure.

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