Panel Bridges

Heavy Duty Mabey Universal Bridge

Offering very long-term solutions, this heavy duty modular steel vehicle bridge is extremely robust and has great tolerance for prolonged heavy activity. 


Modular components - constructed on site
Optional ramps, footwalks, parapets and barriers
Long service life - suitable  for very long term solutions.

Long Term Use

Our Mabey Universal bridge is suitable for any type of vehicle from highways loadings to heavy off-road, earth-moving vehicles.

Bespoke Everytime 

Our Universal bridge can cater for carriageways up to 7.35m wide and canalso safely accommodate pedestrians with footwalks, parapets and ramps. Usually constructed on-site using light plant equipment, the modular parts are designed according to the space and access of the final location where installation is either by cantilever launch or lifted-in by crane. 


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