Mat 125 is one of our high load propping systems. Robust and versatile, it has a capacity of 1550kN per column and is therefore ideal for projects such as bridge support and back propping.


Maximum load bearing capacity: 1550kN
Props are available in 6 lengths from 610-3658mm
Compatible with our Mass range of propping systems
Compatible with our Hymat Hydraulic Jacking System

Our Mat 125 system

With its high load capacity, the Mat 125 propping system can be used for individual propping or built into high strength towers and trusses. It is frequently used with our Hymat Jacks to pre-load, strike or lift from the top of props and is fully compatible with our Mass systems, further increasing the versatility of this system.

Mat 125 propping and shoring lifting a bridge while repairs are facilitated


  • Bridge Support
  • Facade Retention
  • Heavy Duty Falsework
  • Hydraulic Propping
  • Bearing Replacement


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