Manhole Ring Lifter

Designed to mechanically lift and transport concrete manhole rings by attaching directly to the excavator. The manhole ring lifter is easily adjustable to suit various diameters spanning from 900mm to 1800mm. 

Our manhole ring lifters are available to hire, or long term use they are available to buy. 


Suitable for manhole rings from 900mm to 1800mm diameter
Safe working load - up to 2500kg
All mechanically operated - no additional hydraulics required
Only requires one person to operate (Excavator Operator)
For long term use, our manhole lifter is also available to buy

Our Manhole Ring Lifter

Our manhole ring lifter is designed to mechanically lift, transport and install manhole rings on site. It easily attaches to the excavator and is capable of lifting thr manhole ring securely. 

The manhole ring lifter removes the need for the workers to enter the excavation by removing the requirement for manual sling points, making the process much quicker and safer. 

The manhole ring lifter is easy to handle, simply gripping and releasing the concrete ring when required. 

Manhole concrete cylinder lifter


Our Manhole Lifters are available for hire and sale.

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    • Min. Internal Manhole Diameter (mm)


      Max. Internal Manhole Diameter (mm)


      Min. Manhole Ring Depth (mm)


      Max. Manhole Ring Depth (mm)


      Weight of Lifter (kg)


      Safe Working Load (kg)


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