Temporary Site Access

Ground Protection Mats

Our temporary road matting, also known as track mats, road mats or construction matting, is used to provide a stable surface for site access. Whether being used for pedestrian or vehicle access, for events or during the construction phase of a site, these mats help to maintain the existing ground and keep it from being damaged.


Euromat - protects ground, easy to lift, excellent ground protection for light plant equipment or pedestrians
Tufftrak - heavy-duty road mat, anti-slip, 100% recycled

With two choices of temporary ground matting for hire, we can protect provide stable surface solutions for heavy-duty plant equipment and protect sensitive grounds from pedestrian footfall. 


Euromat is tough and flexible and ideal for lighter vehicles and pedestrians.

Tough and Flexible

Made from tough 12mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE), Euromat® is virtually indestructible. Each Euromat weighs just 36kg per mat and has hand cut-outs making them easy to lift, move and install by hand.  With a wide range of connections Euromats are ideal for covering steep or sloping terrain.

Euromat is suitable for many other applications:

  • Festivals, events and pedestrian walkways
  • Temporary roadways and car parks
  • Heritage sites; eco-sensitive areas
  • Landscaping
  • Emergency access routes


TuffTrak, on the other hand  is ideal for heavier vehicle traffic, and is designed to create stable and safe access to heavy plant, machinery and site traffic. Using a simple anchoring details to fix units, install is quick and simple and it's flexible enough to follow the natural unevenness of uneven or boggy ground.


Tufftrak mats have a unique chevron anti-slip traction surface which gives an unrivalled level of grip in weather conditions.

Ideal for Heavy Loads

Able to sustain loadings of up to 150 tonnes they protect the ground by spreading the load. (Dependant on ground conditions and type/ weight of vehicles, machinery and plant).


 It is made from tough 40mm thick high density poyethylene (HDPE) which is 100% recycled material and is also recyclable at its end of life.

TuffTrak is ideal for applications such as:

  • Access for heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles
  • Heavy duty temporary roadways and access
  • Miliary sites
  • Pedestrian walkways and events.


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