Groundworks Petrol Pump

This Groundworks Petrol Pump is designed to hydraulically expand, pressurise and retract double acting hydraulic waling systems where there is a large volume of fluid.

It is the perfect solution to hire on sites where there is no power supply and is compatitible with our wide range of excavation bracing frames and struts.


Powered by petrol meaning no electrical or compressed air supply necessary
Used to extend and retract our hydraulic bracing systems and struts
Maximum working pressure of 2000 psi
Transfers up to 11 litres of shoring fluid per minute
Can hold 70 litres of useable shoring fluid

Our Groundworks Petrol Pump

Our Groundworks Petrol Pump is powered by a small petrol engine that drives the hydraulic shoring fluid pump. 

These pumps also allow for faster installation of multiple braces due to the large shoring fluid tank and quick release hose connections.

Petrol Powered

Our Groundworks Pump is petrol powered, making it the ideal solution for use in locations where there is no electrical or compressed air supply readily available.


With a maximum working pressure of 2000psi, the pump is designed to extend and retract a wide range of our double acting hydraulic bracing systems and struts, making it perfect to hire with Multibrace, Super Shaftbrace, Supershaft Plus and Super Bracing Strut.


Install and remove double acting hydraulic bracing systems quickly and efficiently. Our pump can transfer up to 11 litres of shoring fluid per minute and not only that, it has a large shoring fluid storage tank which is capable of holding 70 litres of useable shoring fluid when full. 


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