Structural Monitoring

The ongoing measurement and analysis of factors affecting a structure, can be used to provide a real-time picture of its condition. The smallest of structural changes can make a difference to your structure – or a neighbouring one, so it’s important to be able to identify these when they occur.


Roads & Bridges

What is Structural Monitoring and why is it important?

Structural monitoring involves closely monitoring the performance of structures and infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and railways to ensure their continued safety and stability.

This type of monitoring is also used extensively to manage construction and infrastructure developments to help to reduce risks and costs and to therefore deliver these projects on time and within budget.

Structural monitoring can take place throughout the life of a structure (before, during and after its construction). It provides continuous reliable, real-time data, to assess if structures are performing safely and efficiently, enabling any maintenance to be planned appropriately.

The wide range of instruments that make up our structural monitoring solutions, collect data in real-time and instantly send it through to our unique web portal, Insite.

Here, our customers are able to gain valuable insight into their project or structure, enabling them to make subsequent action plans. This ensures a structure remains safe and protects against considerable costs and disruption by reducing the risk of any unforeseen issues.

We have a full set of solutions for all structural monitoring requirements and all our monitoring packages are tailored to the requirements of each individual project.


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