Structural Monitoring

The ongoing measurement and analysis of factors affecting a structure, can be used to provide a real-time picture of its condition. The smallest of structural changes can make a difference to your structure – or a neighbouring one, so it’s important to be able to identify these when they occur.



Roads & Bridges

Why is Structural Monitoring important?

Structural monitoring can take place throughout the life of a structure (before, during and after its construction) to provide continuous reliable, real-time data, to assess if structures are performing safely and efficiently, enabling any maintenance to be planned appropriately.

Observing changes in behaviour can ensure a structure remains safe and protects against considerable costs and disruption by reducing the risk of any unforeseen issues.

There are 4 key reasons to implement Structural Monitoring on your project:

  • Structural Health. Our solutions are often used to reassure customers that their structure is in good health. Proactive or reactive monitoring for movement, strain, fatigue for example, can provide the data needed to ensure actions can be put in place to prevent a structure getting worse or failing.
  • ​​Asset Protection. An important role for structural monitoring is in the protection of assets. Whether it is a structure under your control or a 3rd party structure, our monitoring solutions can report if any surrounding works are having a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of a building.
  • Risk Mitigation. As safety is of paramount importance, our solutions are often specified in critical situations in order to mitigate risk. For example the monitoring of an old structure such as a bridge to ensure there are no risks of imminent failure.
  • Plan Maintenance Programmes. Planning for the future is important to all asset owners. Our monitoring solutions give you accurate real-time data in order that you can accurately predict when remediation work may be required.


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