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Rail Monitoring

Factors such as nearby construction activities or environmental conditions can affect the safe and continuous use of a railway. Our rail monitoring solutions are key to ensure these important assets are protected. 

These solutions provide the data required to assess the performance of tracks, tunnels and the surrounding area in real-time. This ensures the most appropriate action can be taken to maintain the performance and safety of the railway.

Our rail monitoring solutions are varied and are tailored to individual project requirements. However, there are common themes.

Ground vibration, for example, can affect the safe operation of a railway. This can be caused by activity such as nearby construction works. Our vibration monitoring solutions provide real-time measurements ensuring that immediate action can be taken so that the railway is protected from any potential damaging effects.

Below, are some more, common situations where rail monitoring solutions are used to ensure our railways remain in safe operation. If you would like more information as to how your project can benefit, please get in touch!

Key applications

Track Monitoring

Working to Network Rail Standard NR/BS/LI/045, our team are well versed in delivering all-inclusive track monitoring solutions including scheme designs, installation and project lifecycle support.

Using a combination of manual and fully automated, remote monitoring systems, our solutions can reduce the number of visual inspections and track possession time, ensuring the railway remains safe and can continue its operation.

Our solutions provide critical measurements and alerts in real-time for track geometry, void and critical rail temperature.


Tunnel Monitoring

The failing structural health of a tunnel has an impact on the safety of these important structures and therefore the operation of a road or railway.

Using our monitoring solutions proactively, helps to inform engineers and inspectors or any deterioration in its structural health, before it becomes a safety concern. Our team can design and implement schemes to give accurate indications of tunnel stability using instruments such as wireless crack monitors, 3D scanners and wireless tilt sensors.

This helps to ensure the safety of a tunnel over its lifespan, allowing for planned maintenance and ensuring the continued operation of the road or railway running through it.


Slope Stability

Key to ensuring the safe operation of our railways, the instability of a railway cutting can have serious consequences on the track and therefore public safety.

Our geotechnical monitoring solutions act as an early warning system to alert asset owners to any ground movement. Any movement will trigger specialist camera systems that record any changes visually in order that any impact can be assessed without needing access to the cutting itself.


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