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Temporary propping is used extensively in almost any type of construction project from basement construction to bridging. Propping is necessary to support loads during construction, and we provide an impressive range of solutions for hire for a variety of construction settings, from simple adjustable height props to extreme capacity propping systems.


Façade Retention
Propping and Shoring
Modular Towers

Our Propping systems

With the largest range of temporary propping systems for hire, we can provide integral structural support for any project from low to extremely high load capacity. Our propping systems range from 100kN to 8000kN load capacities.

Use our allowable load capacity comparison chart below to ensure you find the right Mabey Hire propping system for your project:

Temporary Propping Design

With many complex factors to consider, temporary propping can require a specialised design; especially for large-scale projects. Temporary propping design considers the important role of load capacities, propping strength, wind resistance and other key factors.

Our experts formulate a temporary propping design, calculating your project's load support requirements, assessing support points and other needs. We engineer a propping design that considers the project's full scope, fitting in with plans and timings to ensure the construction runs smoothly.

Emergency Propping

We know that these projects are not always planned, so our emergency response team are on hand 24/7 to respond to critical situations with emergency propping equipment. See our team in action below, using our Mass 50 system to re-open the M6 just 24 hours after a bridge strike closed it in both directions.



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