Excavation Bracing Frames

Steel Waler Frames

Our Steel Waler frames are a quick and easy-to-install hydraulic bracing system used on two-sided excavations. This helps support excavation walls during construction, keeping your worksite safe and enabling efficient construction.

Our Steel Walers bracing system is available to hire, with a range of sizes to choose from depending on your trench width and load requirements.


Struts supplied ready assembled - Quick and easy to install
Suitable for trench widths - 657mm to 4317mm
Available in aluminium - for a lightweight option
Clear internal dimensions - between 490mm and 3950mm

About our Steel Waler Frames 

The steel waler bracing system supports two-sided excavations, using hydraulic struts and frames to help secure excavation walls in place.

The system is really quick and simple to install, with the struts assembled to your required size, which simply requires a quick connection by hinge pin to save you time. 

Available in either steel or lightweight aluminium, we have waler bracing systems for standard and lightweight support depending on your required load capacity. Our lightweight components are easy to carry, making lifting and transportation across site a breeze for quicker and smoother construction. 

Sheet piles and walers CGI

Our Steel Waler system is suitable for a range of construction projects, with an external bracing range of 657mm up to 4317mm to support various trench widths.

For more information on minimum and maximum working ranges see our Groundworks Support Brochure or speak to a member of our team.

View our full range of Groundworks support equipment.

How our Waler system works

Easy and simple to construct, take a look at our video demonstration of how this system is installed during your excavation project.



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