Structural Monitoring

Monitoring Ground Movement

A wide variety of construction projects involve working in safety critical environments such as deep excavations and basements, near river walls or even near the sea line. Ground condition monitoring is a key element of success to these types of projects, ensuring the safety of people and assets and that the project progresses as planned.


Ground monitoring can detect changes when they occur
Our services include borehole monitoring, water pressure and water level monitoring

Our Ground Movement Monitoring solutions

Monitoring the movement of ground and/or the water levels and pressure on or around a site, offers assurances regarding the ground stability. Such assurances eliminate any concerns regarding any unexpected ground movements that could be catastrophic for a project.

Live ground movement monitoring screen

All the data gathered from our monitoring activities is instantly available to all out customers via our unique web portal, Insite. This portal allows users to access their data from any device, in real-time and can alert users to any threshold breaches that have been set as part of the project.

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