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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration from a construction or demolition site, can have a significant impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. As a result, vibration monitoring is becoming ever more important in construction and is a fundamental requirement from Local Authorities to ensure such impacts are limited.

Vibration monitoring enables site personnel to control site activities and vibration levels during construction. This ensures that surrounding buildings are protected from the potential structural damages or long term effects caused during demolition, piling or construction works.

We work alongside you to ensure vibration levels from your construction project are kept to a minimum and within legal requirements.


Our vibration monitoring solutions ensure protection from potential structural damage caused by vibration
Fully compliant to BS7385, BS5228 and DIN4150-2
Live vibration monitoring data via Insite web portal - instantly manage your data remotely
Installed and configured by our experienced engineers - giving you the complete vibration monitoring solution

Our Vibration Monitoring solutions

We provide full-service vibration monitoring solutions, with a range of equipment available for hire - installed and managed by our experienced engineers. Once installed, access real-time vibration monitoring data in our unique web portal Insite.

Our specialist vibration monitoring equipment includes our Enviroguard and Portable Vibration Monitoring systems.

Vibration Monitoring equipment

Our Vibration Monitoring solutions are fully compliant to BS7385, BS5228 and DIN4150-2 and cover both short and long term options, for use in a wide range of applications.

Where the effect of vibration from construction activity needs to be measured over a longer period, our Enviroguard is a static monitoring solution. Containing multiple sensors, it is able to measure a large number of factors from a single unit, including ground vibration monitoring.

Our Portable Vibration Monitor is the perfect solution for shorter time or multiple ad-hoc measurements, offering a wireless vibration monitoring solution ideal for moving around construction and demolition sites.

Vibration Monitoring Applications:

  • Construction and demolition activities
  • Piling projects and Groundworks
  • Party wall agreements
  • Rail embankment monitoring
  • Buried services monitoring
  • Traffic surveys

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