LiveSite is our unique web portal, which allows customers to instantly see and analyse the data from any environmental or structural monitoring that is underway.

Real time monitoring screen


Web portal - pre-configured to be unique to your project
Shows accurate data from any monitoring activity on your project in real-time
Built in trigger levels - alert users to any breaches

About LIVEsite

All data is presented on LIVEsite instantly, in real-time. This ensures that you are able to react to any changes in the condition of a structure or to increased noise, dust or vibration levels, straight away.

Our expert engineers will set up your LIVEsite portal, in a way that is unique to you and your specific requirements. Many projects have specified thresholds that must not be reached for safety or legislative reasons. These project thresholds are added to your portal and the system will send immediate alerts if any of these are breached.

Accessible remotely from desktop, tablet or mobile, your data can be displayed in many different ways such as reports, graphs or schematics to enable quick analysis and decision making.

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