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Monitoring in construction involves the placement of sensors on or around buildings, infrastructure and construction sites in order to provide ongoing measurement of factors affecting their performance.

The data provided by monitoring sensors gives a real-time picture of the environment or the condition of a structure. This data acts as an early indicator of potential problems during construction or as a means to disprove any perception of changes or movement, in order to avoid costly remedial work or litigation.

We supply and install monitoring equipment across a full range of construction and engineering settings, helping projects run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively with real-time monitoring data.

Our Monitoring solutions

We provide a range of construction monitoring services for any project. Get expert construction and engineering monitoring for the assessment of structures, environments, noise and vibrations.

Our multi-disciplined team of engineering experts have extensive knowledge in all aspects of monitoring.

Our structural and environmental monitoring solutions include both wireless systems and optical solutions such as 3D scanning and Automated Total Stations. We have a full set of solutions for any situation and all our monitoring packages are tailored to the requirements of each individual project.

Our unique web portal, Insite, allows customers to instantly see and analyse the data from any environmental or structural monitoring that we are undertaking.

Full service construction monitoring

From the very beginning of a project, we work closely with all our customers to project manage the full engineering and construction monitoring solution.

  1. System Planning & Design - early engagement with our clients ensures that our expert engineers design a tailored monitoring solution to all projects
  2. Installation and Configuration - our team will install and ensure accurate configuration of all monitoring equipment on site
  3. Data Configuration - our unique web based reporting software Insite, is pre-configured for each project based on a clear understanding of client monitoring needs. It has built in trigger levels to alert users to any breaches during monitoring.
  4. Data Visualisation - clients are able to view accurate, real-time monitoring data that is easy to interpret through the use of graphs, schematics and 3D modelling.
  5. Reporting - templates are set up within the Insite system to enable quick and easy reporting of all monitoring data.

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