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On track for success: track monitoring on Ridley railway bridge

South Tyne Viaduct, Northumberland

Located in Northumberland, the South Tyne Viaduct carries the Tyne Valley line (between Newcastle and Carlisle) over the South Tyne River. When repairs were needed on the bridge’s concrete piers, a combination of temporary jacking equipment and track monitoring solutions were required, resulting in us being appointed by AmcoGiffen.


Repairs were needed to railway bridge concrete piers
Bridge lifted 5mm using hydraulic jacking system
Monitoring systems and sensors installed to monitor track displacement and movement

Products used on this project

The challenge

To facilitate repairs to the bridge’s concrete pillars, the bridge deck had to first be physically lifted off the supports in sections by 5mm, allowing works to be carried out below. As a result, a temporary jacking system was needed.

Alongside the physical works, due to the structure’s use as a rail viaduct, the project brought added complexities. Being a Network Rail asset, it was important that AmcoGiffen worked to Network Rail Standard NR/BS/LI/045, applicable on projects where engineering works are being carried out on or around a rail structure. As a result, it was essential that the track remained within tolerance throughout the works, ensuring the future safety of rail services.

To ensure these tolerances were not exceeded and to demonstrate compliance with the Standard, structural monitoring was required, with sensors installed to detect any potential track movement or displacement.

Our solution

Due to our experience and capabilities in both temporary works equipment and monitoring technology, we were approached by AmcoGiffen on the project. A range of hydraulic jacks were supplied and installed to support the structure and temporarily lift the bridge deck off its supports. 

Track monitoring was also supplied, with a series of remote monitoring systems and sensors installed on site, all programmed to monitor track displacement and movement. The collected data was sent to our InSite portal, where it could be viewed, assessed and analysed in real-time, with limits and alerts pre-set.

Speaking about the project, Steven Howell, Monitoring Engineer said: “Our ability to undertake all temporary works on the project, from jacking to monitoring, was a major selling point, helping to streamline the process for AmcoGiffen and reduce risk.

“We’re proud to be the only temporary works provider to have a dedicated hydraulics team, who not only have experience in designing tailored jacking solutions but can operate and install our whole fleet of jacks. We also have a dedicated monitoring department, enabling us to offer AmcoGiffen a comprehensive service offering on this project.”

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