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Formwork & Falsework

Our Formwork and Falsework solutions are used together to help our customers create all types of large and small concrete structures. 

Large structures like excavations and swimming pools, or smaller ones like curved and straight concrete walls, columns, chambers, foundations and more are all possible with our solutions.

Formwork for a large rectangular concrete structure

Our Formwork & Falsework solutions

Our experience in providing Formwork and Falsework solutions for our customers, coupled with our range of equipment, ensures we will provide the best design for your project.

For Formwork, our Frami modular panel system is versatile, lightweight and ideal for walls up to approximately 3m.

Our Falsework propping systems can be used in conjunction with our Frami panel system to provide support for the formwork until the concrete is set and the structure can support itself.

Looking to undertake a concrete pour within an excavation? We can also provide designs and temporary works equipment for any Groundworks Support required and using 3D modelling can ensure there are no clashes between the Groundworks and Formwork.

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