Formwork and Falsework


Formwork is otherwise known as the temporary supports that are used as moulds for pouring concrete into, ensuring even and secure structures. This makes formwork support an essential part of many construction projects.

We provide a range of temporary formwork systems and equipment for hire, offering expert formwork solutions for any construction or engineering project.


Formwork in construction
Concrete Chambers and Shafts
Strip Footings

Our Formwork solutions

We provide the very best in formwork equipment, with high-quality systems that ensure safe and efficient construction work. Our popular Frami panel formwork system is a versatile and lightweight modular panel system. This provides an excellent concrete formwork solution, ideal for supporting walls up to approximately 3m.

Frami formwork panels can be configured to form concrete moulds and the inclusion of rigid and hinged corners, means this engineered formwork solution allows for the formation of many shapes.

Bespoke formwork

Formwork in more complex construction projects can sometimes present a challenge. With an engineered system designed to offer versatile concrete formwork solutions, we provide bespoke formwork for any project.

Our engineered Frami system provides a tailor-made formwork solution for use on foundations, cellar tanks, sewer manholes, low retaining walls, parapets and other such small structures.

Pouring concrete into Frami panels

Our Frami Formwork system

Our Frami Panel System is designed for a range of formwork applications. Available for hire, its versatile system provides tailored concrete formwork solutions, including for the formation of straight or curved walls, and more complex floor profiles.

Find out more about how our Frami Panel System can work for your project.

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