Our Frami panel system is a lightweight modular formwork system for the creation of small concrete structures and walls up to 3m in height. It is ideal for projects from cellar tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers and block foundations or strip footings to larger retaining walls, tank walls, swimming pools, foundations, or basement construction.


Lightweight modular formwork system
For the creation of small concrete structures
Quick and easy to use
A range of panel sizes available
Provides an F1 or F2 quality concrete finish
Ideal for cellar tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers, block foundations and more

Our Frami panel system

The Frami panel system is quick and easy to use. Its versatility lends itself to the formation of curved walls and sloped and stepped floor profiles, as well as the less complex straight concrete walls and much more.

Its hollow-sectioned, torsion-proof panels with a galvanised steel frame provide a maximum concrete pressure capacity of 50kN/m2. The components of this robust system weigh less than 50kg to assist with handle-ability and, with the use of a release agent, can be re-used from one pour to the next on site.

The system is quick and easy to assemble compared with traditional formwork methods, with adjustable clamps and universal walings allowing for stop-ends and timber infills to be added when required. Universal panels enable corners, columns, crossway and T-connections to be easily constructed while the Frami Adjustment Frame and Access Brackets can be attached to the panels to provide access platforms.

Our Frami panel system can be used with either our Mass 10System 160 or Kwikstage propping systems to provide a single-sided solution. For more straightforward double-sided formwork applications up to 3m high, our Frami User Guide provides adequate detail.

If you have a more complex project, please get in touch to discuss your project.


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