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Edge Protection Systems

Our edge protection systems provide a safer working environment for site personnel. Available for hire, our temporary edge protection and barrier systems are designed for use around the perimeter of an excavation, keeping workers protected from any falling debris or other materials during construction work. 

As temporary works specialists, our ultimate aim is to keep your construction site and workers safe. That's why our edge protection systems are designed to the highest safety standards in the construction industry's official code of practice. 

With the aim of eradicating risk and injury on site, our protective systems are built for truly robust protection - even against heavy force.


Kickboards - protect workers against falling debris
Lightweight panels - manhandleable
Compatible with our range of trench boxes, trench sheets and sheet piles

Our Temporary Edge Protection Systems

We offer a full range of edge protection systems for hire. From our Universal barriers offering the highest level of protection for workers, to our MabeyGuard and SheetGuard barriers offering lightweight safety solutions. Explore our edge protection range for hire today.

Universal Edge Protection Barriers

Our Universal Edge Protection Barriers offer the highest levels of safety for site workers.

We are the first temporary works specialist to meet and exceed BS EN 13374:2013 Class A & Class B - the Standards for Temporary Edge Protection (independently tested by Lloyds British test house).

This means that our Universal barriers keep workers safe from large pieces of debris, effectively preventing heavy objects from falling into the excavation site. What’s more, our Universal barriers can resist heavy dynamic forces large enough to stop a person who is falling, sliding or rolling down a slope of up to 30°.



Our universal system is designed to be offset so that it is clear of any Trench box lifting points, allowing the lifting chains to be safely attached without removing the edge protection systems.

Frequently hired with excavation support equipment, our Universal Edge Protection System is fully compatible with our range of Trench boxes and Trench Sheets and Sheet Piles.

MabeyGuard Edge Protection Barriers

Our MabeyGuard Edge Protection Barriers help prevent the risk of falls across the worksite.

Compatible with our range of drag, trench and manhole boxes, our MabeyGuard edge protection system provides an easy to install, versatile safety solution. Available to hire in lengths of 1.5m to 4.4m.


Sheetguard Edge Protection Barriers

Our Sheetguard Edge Protection Barriers offer a robust, yet lightweight solution to keeping workers safe on site. Designed with lightweight panels, our Sheetguard barriers are easy to handle and install, ensuring your site stays productive with minimal disruption. 

Sheetguard is compatible with our range of trench sheets and sheet piles, offering a collective safety system for all of your excavation needs. Additionally, this edge protection system is designed with an adjustable barrier stop, letting you adjust the barrier to a set of varying heights.


Both MabeyGuard & Sheetguard Edge Protection Barriers can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with our Ladder Access Platforms.

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      Min Length (mm)


      Max Length (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Barrier Name

      Mabeyguard (Trench Boxes only)

      Panel Height (mm)


      Min Length (mm)


      Max Length (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Barrier Name

      Sheetguard (Trench Sheets only)

      Panel Height (mm)


      Min Length (mm)


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