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Temporary works design is a fundamental part of any construction project,  whether it’s a simple scheme design, or using the latest 3D modelling software - design is at the forefront of everything we do.

Critical for a project’s success, a full temporary works design identifies key structural, safety and environmental requirements before the construction goes ahead. Our experienced temporary works designer engineers provide expert advice on the best way to implement temporary works solutions across your project, delivering safe, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

Our temporary works design services provide full support for any major area of construction, including groundworks, bridging, structural solutions and more. 

A flexible temporary works design service

A good temporary works design comes from understanding the project's full scope and having a clear view of the project plans, timings and challenges. We know the design stage is crucial to its success, so our aim is to work with our customers on an extensive temporary works design from the earliest stage of every construction or engineering project.

We have the largest team of temporary works engineers in the industry. They have a wide mix of engineering skills, and a wealth of knowledge and on-site experience to make sure we provide the right temporary works design. 

Digital engineering is embedded in our business, and we were the first to achieve BIM Level 2 Certification for Design and Construction and more recently, ISO19650. We are using this technology to help us provide the best temporary works design services across the industry and help our customers build with confidence.

    Preventing safety risks and excessive costs

    From predicting and designing out potential safety risks or excessive costs, to creating brand new solutions to complex projects, our customers rely on our expertise every day. 

    We formulate a temporary works design that indicates the complexity and risks of specific structures. Based on this, our customers can move forward confidently with construction in the most efficient way possible.

    We know from experience that, once on site, unforeseen challenges can arise. That's why an expert temporary works design is critical from the outset. And once construction has started, our team are always available throughout your project. Any proposed design changes are referred back to the contractor, ensuring clear communication throughout.

    How our design team can help

    Early involvement

    It's key to understand the potential challenges that construction work may encounter during the critical early stage. That's why our team of regional temporary works designers and engineers work alongside you, attending early design meetings and providing support for commercial tenders. This key information is then used to inform our temporary works scheme designs.

    Our local field engineers are also on hand for site visits and consultations early in the project - getting the design brief right early on leads to a sustainable, buildable and value-engineered design.

    Mabey Hire assisted us during the tender process, not only with costs but also the planning and methodology of their works which gave us a better understanding of the scheme at that stage.
    Peter Smurthwaite / Managing Director, PBS Construction (N.E.) Limited

    Scheme design

    Following early consultations, our team of engineers will use the latest software and design codes to complete temporary works design analysis and calculations. Using the latest tools such as 3D structural analysis programmes, finite element analysis (FEA) and soil interaction software, our experienced, qualified engineers design and check every scheme.

    Schemes are checked for strength and structural adequacy, ensuring a quality temporary works design concept that meets the design brief.


    Digital design

    Our dedicated digital engineering team use the latest technology to help our customers design winning bids, reduce the costs of construction, speed up delivery, improve safety and reduce the full-life cost of infrastructure.

    As early adopters of Revit software in our scheme designs and our full library of temporary works BIM objects, we are able to collaborate closely with our clients and provide a full temporary works design plan where a Common Data Environment (CDE) has been set up.

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    On-site support

    Our involvement doesn't end once the design is signed off and work has begun. Our support continues across every stage of the project, from temporary works design to supply, install and monitoring.

    Once temporary works have begun, there can be unforeseen challenges. Our engineers will be on hand to help resolve these and redesign the solution based on the local site variations and change requests that might occur.

    In addition, all our designs are delivered complete with installation and dismantling sequencing that highlight the significant hazards and design assumptions.


    EVE - Bring your projects to life

    EVE creates an immersive 3D temporary works design for your project, using intuitive technology that allows you to visualise your project before work has begun. 

    Explore your interactive temporary works design in its entirety, identifying any changes, potential risks and other challenges before they happen. 

    EVE speeds up the design phase of any temporary works project, helping support a more efficient, safe and cost-effective project. 

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