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The next generation in temporary works design


EVE uses immersive technology to create an intuitive 3D design for your construction project, incorporating all aspects of temporary works.

Rendering a fully explorable visualisation of your project, EVE allows users to see the full project before construction work begins.

Using advanced technology, EVE speeds up the design phase of temporary works by identifying any changes in advance. Plus, minimises those required once the project goes to site.

Engineer - Making the design phase more efficient than ever before

Visualise - Bringing your project to life

Explore - Take a virtual walk through your project as it will appear on site

The future of temporary works design

We're always striving to stay at the forefront of our industry and looking for ways we can improve the way we design in temporary works, ensuring those crucial, first stages of construction are as safe and efficient as possible.

That's why we're looking to the future to improve temporary works design with advanced technology, helping your project go ahead efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Integrate 3D workflows and BIM models

EVE is an immersive experience that gives you the ability to explore your temporary works design like never before. A collaborative approach that helps find better solutions to complex projects and integrates directly your 3D workflows and BIM models into one interactive, virtual environment.

Features and benefits:

  • Explore and interact with your design in a real-world environment
  • View accurate measurements of the site geometry
  • Review and access the model elements properties (dimensions, weights etc)
  • Observe project phasing (ideal for projects running over weeks/months, as it allows you to see the differing levels of equipment required at each stage)
  • Annotation feature to highlight changes or issues, enabling better visibility and communication for everyone involved on the project
  • A collaborative approach that fully integrates with your existing 3D work flows e.g. Revit, Navisworks and Civils3D
  • Can be accessed from the comfort of your desk via laptop or using a VR headset

Create a temporary works design with EVE

EVE is already successfully helping our customers complete construction projects with more efficiency and ease, as well as save costs thanks to its foresight, providing a full scope of work before it begins.

EVE’s capabilities enable a smoother project delivery, helping you save both time and money.

Let us work with you to add value and minimise risk to your next project.

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