Our Culvert Pullers are designed for the safe installation of pre-cast square, rectangular or circular culvert sections. 

Using traditional hydraulic systems or our new battery powered system, the pullers move the culverts safely into position. Our culvert pullers can be hired for a variety of culvert shapes and sizes. 


10t pullers can be twinned to increase their collectively pull capacity of 20 tonnes
Can fit a variety of shapes and sizes of pre-cast concrete culverts
A range of pulling beams are available to suit different culvert widths
16t pullers come with a remote control with 10m cable

Our Culvert Puller

Our Culvert Pullers are ideal for safely positioning precast culvert sections into place. 
Our 10t hydraulic culvert puller uses hydraulic rams and a pulling beam to pull box culverts into position, with a maximum capacity of 10t per unit. These Culvert pullers can be twinned to increase capacity to 20ts. We have a range of pulling beam sizes available to suit your projects culvert widths.
Our battery powered pullers have a maximum of 16t capacity, plus a remote control on a 10m cable to allow the user to operate the unit from a safe working distance. (Please note this puller cannot be twinned)
Both the hydraulic and battery powered culvert pullers pull the units into position and are powerful enough to work with the sealing agent, creating a watertight bond between the culverts. 

Culvert Puller Hire

Our culvert pullers are available to hire. Simply contact our team to get started with culvert puller hire. 


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      Max. Internal Culvert Height (mm)


      Min, Internal Culvert Width (mm)


      Max. Internal Culvert Width (mm)


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