Fitted with vertically adjustable struts, our Rolling Strut Boxes are ideal for use within stepped excavations and offer increased clearance for pipe laying.


Rolling strut - enables the panels to move independently of each other during installation and removal, making it ideal for stepped excavations
Vertically adjustable struts - can be locked into place
Top extensions available - increasing the maximum trench depth to 6.4m
Under strut clearance - up to 3.2m

Our Rolling Strut Box

This box is the ideal solution to provide support within stepped excavations. It provides a two-sided protective shield, with the added advantage of struts which are vertically adjustable on rollers. 

A Rolling Strut Box in the ground with barrier protection and ladder to climb in and out of the two sided excavation

Strut positions can be adjusted in adjacent boxes along a trench, thus allowing longer pipe runs to be installed more efficiently and maximising effective man hours on site.

View our full range of Groundworks support equipment.


View our full range of Groundworks support equipment.


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    • Box name

      Rolling Strut Box 3.5m x 4m

      Size - length x height (m)

      3.5 x 4

      Capacity (kN/m²)


      Max trench depth (m)


      Min & max trench widths (m)


      Under strut clearance (m)


      Length between struts (m)


      Box weight* (kg)


      Extension available


      End closure panels available


      *Box weight is dependent on which struts are used

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