Structural Monitoring

Structural Monitoring for Infrastructure

Whether bridges, tunnels or railways, our country’s infrastructure is subject to wear and deterioration. Monitoring the behaviour of these assets is key to ensuring they remain in good structural health and can continue to operate safely.

Real time railway bridge monitoring


Asset monitoring can detect changes when they occur
Maintenance programmes can be planned
Assures asset owners that their structure remains in good structural health

Our solutions for monitoring infrastructure

Infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, tunnels, highways or railways, are subject to wear, deterioration or malfunction. This may be caused by environmental factors, age or an extreme situation such as a bridge strike or a flood.

Monitoring the behaviour of these assets and their surrounding areas ensures that any changes can be observed as they occur. This helps to inform engineers and inspectors about the condition of a structure.

Condition based repair plans can then be put in place before any serious damage is caused, replacing schedule driven maintenance.

Real time railway bridge monitoring

A wide range of monitoring techniques and instruments come together to provide a vital data set that details the behaviour of an asset.

This data set is instantly available to all our customers via our unique web portal, LIVEsite. This portal allows users to access their data from any device, in real-time and can alert users to any threshold breaches that have been set as part of the project.

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