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Trench Boxes

Trench Boxes are used for rapid shoring of trench runs during construction. These provide a quick and easy way of holding the ground stable in a trench without the need for other shoring equipment.

With a range of solutions, from Trench Boxes, Drag Boxes and Manhole Boxes, we have the perfect solution for your project.


Single Sided Excavations

Our trench box solutions

Since we launched the Strongbox, the UK’s first Trench Box back in 1970, our range of trench box systems have gone from strength to strength, providing the very best in trench support systems.

Today our trench box range covers options for excavators with limited lifting capacity, a variety of trench depths and different clearance levels, allowing for the laying of wider diameter pipework when trench shoring. Our most commonly hired trench box supports trenches up to 5.6m deep.

All of our trench box systems are developed to provide a safe solution to trenching whilst also demonstrating features such as pinned connections and telescopic struts, for easy use on site.

A trench box being dragged on a groundwork construction site


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