Temporary Site Access

Trench Crossing Unit

To provide access onto construction sites or to cross small trenches, streams and ditches, our Trench Crossing Units provide a quick and simple solution to cross small obstacles.  Being lightweight, and only using light plant equipment to position into place, these units provide easy and practical solutions for instant access.


Unit width 1.725m
Lengths from 3m-6m
Can be placed side-by-side
Anti-skid finish
Minimal end depth - no ramping required
Can carry single vehicles up to 40 GVW

Our Trench Crossing Unit 

With lengths from 3m to 6m and a width of 1.725m per unit, our trench crossing units can be placed side by side to increase the crossing width and use a standard design for foundations and holding down bolts and have a patented epoxy anti-skid finish.

For additional safety, parapets are optional for the sides and make our trench crossing units ideal for vehicles and pedestrians and their rollover design has a minimum end depth which removes the need for further ramping onto the unit.

Ideal for use as flyovers, ramps and platforms and capable of carrying single vehicles up to 40 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight they are suitable for providing access for both vehicles and pedestrians whether that's for site access or public events. 



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    • Size available (m) (Length x width)


      Weight (kg)


      Edge Protection Type


      Anti-skid surface increases the weight by approximately 10kg/m².

    • Size available (m) (Length x width)

      6 x 1.7

      Weight (kg)


      Edge Protection Type

      Not Available

      Anti-skid surface increases the weight by approximately 10kg/m².

    • Size available (m) (Length x width)

      6.1x 1.7

      Weight (kg)


      Edge Protection Type

      Mesh or P4 Parapet

      Anti-skid surface increases the weight by approximately 10kg/m².

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