Vertishore is a two-sided, hydraulic waler system ideal for use in shallow trenches as a vertical lightweight shoring solution.


Ready assembled -  delivered with rams fitted to your required size
Under-strut clearance of 570mm  - accommodates existing services
Space saving  - collapsible format makes shores convenient to handle and store 

Our Vertishore

Designed to support shallow trenches in self-supporting ground, Vertishore is a lightweight solution for short-term use in excavations up to 2m deep and 1.5m wide. Vertishore is ideal for use in excavations where multiple vertical shores can be used in succession to support the trench walls.

Accommodates pipes

With an under strut clearance of 570mm existing pipes and new, can easily be accommodated. Vertishore is a popular solution commonly used in the Utilities market and new housing developers for connecting new services and repairing existing services.

Time Saving 

To save assembly time on site, our Vertishore is delivered ready assembled with all installation equipment required including  a release tool, removal hook, shoring fluid, connecting hose, bucket pump and optional backing boards to use with uneven soil faces.

Easy and Safe to Install

Installed from ground level, Vertishore is safe to install without the need to enter the trench. Removal is just as quick and safe and the collapsible frame makes then easy to transport, store and handle on site.




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