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Lightweight Shoring

Our comprehensive range of lightweight shoring equipment provides the ideal solution for smaller, short term shoring applications in restricted areas.



Our lightweight shoring solutions

Our lightweight shoring equipment is easy and simple to operate. Its lightweight nature means it can be handled either by hand or with smaller excavators, making it ideal for minor construction works and utility maintenance in cities and urban environments.

This range is ideal for shoring applications where lifting capacity is limited on site, as well as providing a temporary shoring solution that’s flexible, cost effective and safe. Our lightweight shoring solutions include lightweight trench and manhole boxes weighing just 900kg, through to aluminium waler systems.

As part of the range, we can also provide a modular shoring solution. MAP Box is lightweight at just 6-18kg per individual components, making it flexible, quick and easy to install. It provides the ideal solution for shallow shoring applications in self-supporting ground, especially when installing or working around utility pipes.


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