These double-acting, high capacity jacks are designed for lifting and lowering large heavy structures over a large distance. It has a lifting and lowering range of over 3.5m, which makes it ideal for moving a whole bridge.

They have varying cylinder capacities available from 150 – 450 tonnes.


150 - 450 tonnes cylinder capacity
Load bearing capacity: 1470kN – 4415kN
Stroke limit 150mm
Can be computer controlled with our advanced Monitoring solutions

About Climbing Jacks

Using double acting hydraulic jacks, the system ‘climbs’ on stacks of Ekki timber blocks. The Ekki timber stacks are located within a guide frame and built up systematically in 90mm stages after each stroke to raise to the required level. This enables the raising or lowering of heavy loads through greater distances.

All our Climbing Jacks are tested, certified and calibrated by our in-house hydraulics experts before every hire. If required, our hydraulics team will also install and operate the jacks for your project.

Available to straight hire or as part of a design.

Generally used in a variety of applications:

  • Bridge Jacking
  • Lifting/lowering and sliding
  • Monitoring and control
  • Site Services


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    • Capacity (kN)


      Stroke (mm)


      Closed height (mm)


      Diameter (mm)


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