Trench struts are used to support trench walls during construction, preventing vertical loads from collapsing. Our trench struts are designed for bracing timber walings against trench sheets and are ideally suited for small, shallow trench excavations. 

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Safe Working Load - 30kN
Available in lengths ranging from 300-1040mm
Strut end plates have bent corners - dig into the timber and prevent movement

Our Adjustable Trench Struts

Our trench struts provide maximum support for trench walls, securely holding shallow trenches in place during construction. This helps create a safe working environment, protecting workers from potential hazards such as trench wall collapse.

Ideally suited for small, shallow trench excavations, our trench struts are fully adjustable to fit your requirements. This makes our struts easy to install, with a lightweight design that makes handling a breeze.

Our trench struts are complete with a clawed design, helping to hold timber waling in place more securely and prevent unwanted movement. 

We do not offer engineering designs featuring these products.

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