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Highways Monitoring

Our major road networks are a key part of our countries infrastructure. Keeping them running is paramount, and continued, proactive maintenance is key.


Our highways monitoring solutions are varied and tailored to individual projects. They can be used in many ways to provide assurance and enable proactive maintenance plans to be put in place.

Below are some of our most common highways monitoring solutions that are used to ensure our roads remain in safe operation.

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Motorway Settlement

Construction works taking place near or under a motorway could affect its performance and therefore public safety.

Our sophisticated monitoring systems can operate from a distance using total stations installed at the side of the hard shoulder. They help to ensure the continued safe operation by highlighting any maintenance requirements in advance and negate the need for motorway closures.


Environmental Impact

As our motorways become busier, the environmental impact of them is ever greater. Our environmental monitoring solutions can be implemented close to motorways to provide insight into noise, dust, vibration and air quality. This ensures compliance to Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 and helps protect neighbouring communities from their effects.

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