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Digital Engineering is heavily embedded within our business. From design and product development to our project delivery processes – we’re always striving to stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

Our highly skilled digital experts use the latest technologies to drive innovation and improve the way in which we design and interact with our customers.

We use immersive technology to take customers on a journey of their project. This early digital collaboration can have many benefits, as it can help us to not over engineer a design and reduce the risk of any unforeseen issues, saving the customer time and money before work even begins.


designs created every year


to achieve BIM Level 2 in Temporary Works


Revit & AutoCAD files available to download



We were early adopters in using Building Information Modelling (BIM) in our project delivery, as we recognised early on the benefits it can have in making decisions based on real-world information. That’s why we like to refer to BIM as “Better Information Management.”

We were also amongst the first in the industry to receive BIM Level 2 Certification for Design and Construction and the BSI Kitemark for Building Information Modelling – these accreditations acknowledge we are successfully using the latest technology as standard practice, to design and deliver projects with our customers.


Our BIM projects create a more accurate image for temporary works and is the foundation for a host of digital engineering innovations. This includes virtual reality, augmented reality and using photogrammetry to provide three-dimensional data capture. By making it easier to interpret and interact with information, our customers will benefit from a more efficient project delivery service from conception to completion.


Immersive Technology

In recent years there has been a shift to simulate and experience virtual spaces. With the advances in technology, design processes have expanded to enable the customer to be taken on an immersive journey of their project. This has helped to drive new digital collaborations with our customers and together design winning bids, reduce the cost of construction, speed up delivery, reduces risks and improve safety before the project even begins.




We’ve embraced the benefits automation in construction provides by identifying key areas of our design process that can be optimised through automated scripts. This means our design teams can focus on what adds value to the project, saving both time and money and aiding in the sustainability of project delivery.



Laser Scanning

Point cloud surveys have enabled our engineering teams to interact with the real world through highly accurate 3D laser and photogrammetry scanning.


With reduced timings in accessing larger volumes of data, we can crucially intersect existing works with our design solutions helping to mitigate health and safety risks whilst also presenting the customer with immersive environments to explore. 


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