Structural Monitoring

Remote Structural Monitoring

Our dynamic monitoring station (DMS) is a multi-point remote monitoring system that measures the dynamic movement of civil and geotechnical structures through 3D measurement. It assesses position (displacement, distance), strain (expansion, contraction, crack opening) and rotation (twist, tilt and bending) of a structure with no physical sensors required.


No need for direct structural assessment - eliminating project delays
Safer working environment - no requirement for employees to work at height or over water
Capable of more detailed investigation - simply highlight areas of interest
No need to fit targets - video gauge pattern recognition technology works on existing rivets, bolts, beams, masonry and concrete staining
Visible or IR lighting - allows monitoring to take place at night time

Our Remote Structural Monitoring solutions

The DMS system uses video-based technology to take frequent, highly accurate, structural readings. It can be set up safely, out of the way and does not require targets to be put in place, but still typically has a resolution in excess of 1 part in 100,000 (if the camera can see a 10m section of roadway, resolution of greater than 0.1mm can be achieved).

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