Structural Monitoring

Structural Monitoring for Utilities

Working with our customers, our monitoring solutions have been used extensively across the utility industry. From our gas, electricity and water supply network, to our nuclear infrastructure, our monitoring solutions ensure that projects run safely and on time.


Assures asset owners that their structure remains in good structural health
Asset monitoring can detect changes when they occur
Maintenance programmes can be planned
Ideal as part of a flood prevention scheme

The benefits of monitoring Utilities projects

Assets within the utilities market are particularly varied. Reservoirs, inlets, chambers, high pressure mains, treatment works and pumping stations are just some examples.

Management of these assets is key and the data provided through monitoring is vital to aid decision making when it comes to upgrading or repairing.

We often monitor for ground movement, vibration and VOC's to support pipe laying or land remediation work and we also have the equipment to support activity on reservoirs and dams ensuring that water levels and water quality are monitored and flood prevention schemes are in place.

The wide range of instruments that make up our structural monitoring solutions, collect data in real-time and instantly send it through to our unique web portal, Insite.

Here, our customers are able to gain valuable insight about their project or structure, enabling them to create subsequent action plans, ensuring a structure remains safe and protects against considerable costs and disruption.

Whether you need to monitor ground movement within a trench or excavation, vibration levels to protect neighbouring properties or the structural integroty of a dam wall, our expert structural monitoring engineers will design you a solution bespoke to the requirements of your individual project.

Key applications


Our monitoring solutions provide critical insight to ensure that the maintenance of our pielines can progress safely and efficiently.

From providing data and alerts on gas levels, to highlighting any movement of manholes or old Victorian sewers during any maintenance work. Our solutions can ensure that pipeline maintenance is completed without any major disruption or delays.

Within deeper projects in urban areas, our data can provide assurance that nearby structures are not affected by vibration due to any major pipeline works close to their foundations.


Sub Stations

Electrical sub stations in particular, are highly sensitive to vibration due to the electrical components housed within. It is therefore key, that these structures are protected from any vibration or ground movement that may occur as a result of adjacent excavations or piling works.

Find out how our vibration monitoring solutions can help

Reservoirs and Dams

Monitoring can be used as a preventative measure in a number of situations that may occur within reservoirs or dams. Our Enviroguard, environmental monitoring solution can be implemented to monitor water levels as part of a flood prevention scheme. 

Our structural monitoring solutions such as 3D scanning and manual surveying can also be put in place to monitor the integrity of any reservoir or dam walls to provide assurance that they remain in good structural condition.


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