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Monitoring and jacking helps lift façade of building

Pall Mall, London

Originally constructed in 1661, and once the centre of London’s fine art scene, Pall Mall is one of the city’s most popular streets. When our client wanted to lift the façade of one of the buildings to bring it in line with neighbouring buildings, our experience and expertise in monitoring and jacking, provided them with the ideal solution.


jack and lift


displacement sensors used


pressure sensors used


Lifting façade of building to bring it in line with neighbouring buildings
Displacement and pressure monitoring maintains integrity of façade
Façade jacked by 72mm

Products used on this project

The challenge

Our client wanted to lift the façade of a building on Pall Mall in London, which had been constructed 72mm lower than the neighbouring buildings, to bring it in line.

The external cladding was to remain in place throughout the operation, demanding precise control of movement to prevent damage whilst the structure was lifted.

Our solution

Our expertise was required to hydraulically lift the façade of the building, rather than stripping it back fully. It was essential to maintain the integrity of the building, which is where our displacement and pressure monitoring solutions proved vital. 

The sensors used on site consisted of both vertical and horizontal LVDTs (displacement sensors), providing accurate measurements from top to bottom of the steelwork. We also provided pressure sensors to measure the loads being applied in order to lift the façade.

The combination of the monitoring, jacking and propping enabled the lift to run smoothly, and most importantly, safely.

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