Meet our Leadership Team


Growing any business takes a team of passionate leaders with a desire to win. Ours don’t stop there.

They love what they do and are driven to go for it with everything they’ve got. They bring decades of experience and a breadth of skills from the construction industry and beyond.

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Gordon MacDonald, CEO

Gordon MacDonald


In the 30 years I’ve spent operating at executive plc board level, I’ve specialised in operational management, business transformation and human resources. My career started with a focus on people and, to this day, I believe that’s what’s at the heart of any successful business.

My background is across a number of sectors, from construction to manufacturing to retail. That’s given me a unique insight into how, in order to survive and thrive, any business needs to continuously improve and transform itself to meet customer needs.

Since joining Mabey Hire in June 2016, I’ve been working with my board colleagues to build on Mabey Hire’s reputation. We’ve been strengthening and deepening our relationships with our customers and developing our team of 400 people so that they, in turn, can provide a top class experience for our customers that’s focused on providing solutions to their challenges.

As well as leading my own team, I am a mentor with Advanced Boardroom Excellence and I support other CEOs and senior directors to help them manage the people dynamics in business turnarounds and transformations.

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Matthew Eastwood, CFO

Matthew Eastwood


After 20 years’ experience in company directorships across a wide range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, energy, waste recycling and FMCG, I joined Mabey Hire in 2017. I lead our finance functions – which include Procurement and IT – as Chief Financial Officer.

Since becoming a Chartered Management Accountant over 20 years ago, I’ve enjoyed roles in operations, general management and – of course – commercial finance. I’ve worked in organisations of various sizes and structures, from SMEs to a FTSE PLC and large US-listed group. Over the years, I have specialised in business change, transformation and turnaround projects, as well as acquisition integrations.

That breadth of experience has been invaluable in my role here at Mabey Hire, where I’ve been working with my senior team in Finance, Procurement and IT to transform those functions into the role of enablers to our success. I see our team as commercial business partners who help drive the direction of the business, and it’s that collaborative way of working that is my passion and purpose at Mabey Hire.

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Ian Matthews, National Operations Director

Ian Matthews


I joined Mabey Hire in 2017 with a background predominantly in the construction/infrastructure hire sector. Working my way up from hire desk, through area sales roles and then into leadership has given me the best possible platform as I have seen first-hand how customer-focused operations departments work.

The customer really is at the heart of what I do as National Operations Director. The goal for my team is delivering right first time solutions that inspire confidence with our customers both internally and externally.

I love to lead major change programmes with a vision for taking a company forward and it’s brilliant to be able to use all of my know-how, plus the skills, expertise and winning mentality of my team to deliver the best experience for our customers.

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Dave Holland, National Engineering Director

Dave Holland


My career began managing construction projects in South East Asia. Since joining Mabey Hire over 20 years ago, I’ve enjoyed a number of roles, from Project Engineer through to Technical Director delivering some of the most complex temporary works solutions. All of this experience has been an invaluable asset to take with me into my current role as Engineering Director.

I’ve led some really exciting developments, including the creation of our instrumentation and monitoring offering, initiating the development of the Mabey STEM Education Programme for children and the evolution of our engineering team into the digital age.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, and recently added Fellowship of the Institution of Engineers (ICE) to my qualifications. I have an incredible team of passionate engineers delivering innovation in both our products and services, and often solving complex challenges.

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Claire Watson, People Director

Calire Watson


After almost 20 years specialising in Human Resources, I joined Mabey Hire in 2017 to drive our organisation in the role of People Director.

I’ve had an exciting career across multiple sectors including finance, further education, retail, construction, third party logistics and FMCG. During that time I have worked with many high performing organisations that have given me the opportunity to develop expertise in my personal and professional vocation of individual and collective transformation.

I joined Mabey Hire because I could see the opportunity to shape our business success through our culture and people. In a business where people are at the core of everything we do, it’s really rewarding to be leading the way in attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing top talent, and cultivating a culture that inspires confidence in our internal and external partners.

I am incredibly proud to be a chartered member of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and being able to bring the value of that community to Mabey Hire.

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David Garden
Sales and Marketing Director

David Garden


When I joined Mabey Hire in January 2020, I had enjoyed four years’ experience in the world of temporary works and recognised this business as a strong brand in the sector.

My career beforehand spanned 20 years of progressive sales and marketing roles across the white goods industry and FMCG, where I managed key high street retail customers across various well-known household brands and products.

It’s a results based role, but getting to know customers, understanding how they work and how we can work together most effectively to deliver business growth is the key part. My experience of managing major clients across different sectors is incredibly valuable, giving me a rounded view of what a customer needs and wants, helping to shape our business to best satisfy all those things. The most rewarding part of this role is to coach and develop the team and the individuals within it, to deliver business success through the team.

I love a challenge; I was delighted to have joined Mabey Hire and it’s exciting to bring a new perspective to the team to drive the brand and business forward.

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