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Mabey Hire – where creativity and engineering meet

We believe in a world without boundaries. At Mabey Hire we take our customer’s project vision and make it our challenge to engineer the right temporary works solution to bring it to life.

For the last 60 years we have been using our creative engineering approach to enable our customers to deliver some of the most exciting construction and infrastructure projects in the country. Whether these projects are large or small, a standard design or bespoke, we always find the optimum solution to any engineering challenge.

What makes us different?

  • 60 years’ experience – we have the skills and expertise to create an end-to-end solution to overcome any engineering challenge
  • Early engagement – partnering with you at an early stage to minimise build costs, improve accuracy and achieve project delivery timescales
  • Innovation – we have the ingenuity, experience and infrastructure to fabricate the right products or the right application for your project
  • Value engineering – we use our experience to engineer the optimum solution
  • Digital expertise – we are the first temporary works supplier to achieve BIM Level 2 for Design and Construction. Our team can use Revit to build your project in 3D and virtual reality.

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Creative engineering in action

Mabey Hire’s creative expertise
enables deep excavation

Deep excavation projects in urban areas require a creative engineering approach, which begins with contractor involvement from the outset.

Challenges include working in a confined footprint and being surrounded by high-value properties and movement-critical services including water mains. The ability to plan and visualise the various stages of the propping configuration digitally in 3D, while leaving as much space open as possible within the excavation, enables the quickest and most efficient solution.

Creative Engineering Image

Creative Engineering Image

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The Challenge

Planning permission has been granted for a prestigious mixed use scheme in one of London's most exclusive neighbourhoods. The previous building has been demolished to make way for the new complex.

To create the foundations for the buildings, as well as a two-storey basement and swimming pool to sit underneath the completed new build, a large excavation of three basements’ deep had to be carried out first.

The customer handling the excavation works approached Mabey Hire to develop a solution to temporarily prop the excavation and keep any movement to the absolute minimum, while the work was being carried out.

Our Solution

Consultation with the customer from the outset meant Mabey Hire was able to design a propping solution that allowed the most efficient excavation during each stage of the project. At an early enquiry stage, 3D digital drawings created using Revit enabled the client to visualise how the temporary propping would look during the project lifetime.

The equipment configuration was designed to enable the client to have enough space to excavate as easily as possible, rather than filling the excavation with props.

Mabey used a combination of equipment including its proprietary Super Bracing Struts (SBS-400 to SBS-1000) as flying shores and raking props to restrain any movement within the excavation walls. With the project accelerating well, Mabey Hire was able to supply the props in line with the revised timescales, helping the customer complete propping installation a month ahead of the original project schedule.

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