Structural Monitoring

Wireless Structural Monitoring

Wireless monitoring is the measurement of factors affecting a structure using sensors to transfer data wirelessly. The sensors do not need to be inspected closely in order for data to be gathered, so they are the ideal solution for more inaccessible structures.


Easy to install - ideal for inaccessible structures
Highly accurate systems - providing reliable structural measurements
Connected to Insite - remote access to real-time data
Reduced installation time - your project can progress more quickly

Wireless monitoring can be carried out before, during and after construction works, and can also be used to permanently monitor structures, ensuring you can quickly respond to changes before they become serious issues.

Wireless monitoring is preferable for low frequency structural monitoring requirements. Wireless systems are easy to install, making them ideal for more inaccessible structures.

We offer a complete range of wireless monitoring solutions. Our sensors stream data back to Insite in real-time, which means data can be instantly, and easily, interrogated and analysed. 

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