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Propping & Jacking solution delivered to re-open busy dual carriageway

A189 Spine Road dual carriageway, Northumberland

A vehicle strike to one of the bridges spanning the A189 dual carriageway in Northumberland caused substantial damage.

The bridge was at risk of collapse so the busy dual carriageway was closed in both directions.

Our engineers worked through the night to create, deliver and install an initial propping solution to secure and make the bridge safe.

The engineers then worked on a further solution that allowed a section of the bridge to be removed and replaced, whilst raising and lowering the bridge on hydraulic jacks.


vehicles a day use the carriageway


lanes closed


Emergency propping solution delivered within hours
Mass 25 and hydraulic jacks used to lift bridge
Project completed and road re-opened quickly

Products used on this project

The challenge

We received an emergency call from Northumberland County Council following a vehicle strike to a bridge. The bridge was at risk of collapse onto the busy A189 in Northumberland.

The dual carriageway was closed in both directions, to ensure public safety. Our initial challenge was to ensure the bridge did not collapse onto the dual carriageway, so an emergency propping solution was needed.

This work enabled a safe assessment from Northumberland County Council and the decision was made to remove and replace a span section of the bridge. We then worked closely with the council to help develop a solution to get the span replaced and the road re-opened as quickly as possible.

Our solution

To make the bridge safe, our engineers quickly travelled to the site to meet the site manager, whilst our local depot organised our Mass 25 propping equipment to be ready. A propping solution was designed on-site, whilst the equipment was in-transit and the Mass 25 tower was installed the same evening.

Following a full assessment of the bridge, we worked with the council to create a new design that involved supporting the bridge whilst a section was replaced. We supported either end of the bridge span with Mass 25 towers, with hydraulic jacks to raise the ends of the bridge. The hydraulic lift ensured the span was free and able to be cut and lifted by a crane, whilst our Mass 25 supported the load.

The repair was completed and the dual carriageway was re-opened several days later.

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