Explore our digital engineering capabilities

Explore our digital engineering capabilities

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Discover our digital engineering capabilities

Discover our digital engineering capabilities

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Digital Engineering

Mabey Hire is the first temporary works specialist to gain BIM Level 2 accreditation. With digital engineering embedded in all engineering teams, Mabey Hire is helping customers use the latest technology to design winning bids, and then deliver construction and infrastructure projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Dedicated digital engineering expertise is available to customers, enabling collaboration in Common Data Environments on federated BIM models for coordination, clash avoidance, 4D project planning (time) and 5D planning (cost).

Our online technical library for temporary works has an extensive range of digital content for our customers to access, including BIM objects for bridging, propping and groundworks which are compatible with IFC and COBie.  All of our BIM objects contain detailed geometry, data and functionality to represent our products in a BIM environment.

From creating BIM models of live projects, to integrating real-time data from infrastructure monitors into BIM, digital engineering is transforming how engineers work and collaborate.

Through its digital engineering, Mabey Hire is not only helping customers win business but also helping them reduce the costs of construction, speed up delivery, improve safety and reduce the full-life cost of infrastructure.

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What is digital engineering?

Digital technology combines engineering data and the art of design.

It is the process of integrating data about a building or piece of infrastructure into a world of digital imagery.

Capturing the data, and then using to create 3D geometry, imagery and documentation for customers to interact with and use in their own plans makes it easier to efficiently build and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is the main term used to describe integrating digital data.

Mabey Hire has achieved Level 2 BIM accreditation, having adopted processes identified in PAS-1192, meaning our BIM standards have been independently verified. These processes are the platform for our work in providing fully digital and collaborative 3D BIM.

How can digital engineering help?

The advent of digital engineering is transforming 21st century construction and infrastructure. It is an essential capability that is bringing down the cost and speeding up delivery.

At Mabey Hire, our expert in-house engineers are using the latest digital tools and technologies, and developing industry-first techniques, so buildings and infrastructure are created more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Designing digitally means it is easier and faster to exchange information between the many organisations involved in any construction project. This then makes it easier and faster for engineers to collaborate because the information – often in 3D – is accurate and shows how projects change over time.

With that insight, engineers can now more easily identify clashes (a clash is when one area of work conflicts with another) and more efficient ways of working.

Examples would include when using 3D visualisations helps identify better locations to place temporary supports so there is enough room for other plant and equipment to operate; or where less temporary works equipment is needed because load factors are not as high at each stage of development.

Customers can also now view products and services in 3D, to become more familiar with how they work. For instance, our largest strut – the SBS 1000 – can manage pressures up to 350 [kN] and this simple installation guide gives engineers an immediate understanding of how to install it.

Digital engineering provides everyone involved in a project the opportunity to improve productivity, avoid problems and make projects safer before any work starts on the ground.

At Mabey Hire, we know that our digital engineering capabilities our central to our promise to help customers deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

What are the benefits of digital engineering?

The way Mabey Hire applies digital engineering to our customers’ challenges brings significant benefits including:

  • Increased confidence and assurance of project timelines, safe operations, cost and quality
  • Improved understanding by all parties of complex processes
  • Reduced costs of construction
  • Easier identification and testing of innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • Significant reduction in risks
  • Better communication between suppliers, customers and regulating bodies
  • Better planning for asset maintenance, increasing the value of the asset over its life through reduced capital expenditure, delivery and operational costs
  • Better knowledge and ability to manage carbon performance
  • Smarter proposals and programme management with consequential ability to build market share and improve reputation
  • Understanding how a project will progress and how equipment will be used in a controlled, virtual, environment before using it for real
  • Opportunity to improve productivity, avoid problems and make projects safer before any work starts on the ground
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“By achieving verification certification, Mabey Hire has demonstrated its commitment to being compliant with the requirements for PAS 1192-2 covering Design and Construction for BIM Level 2, as detailed in the Construction Prequalification Questionnaire document - PAS 91.  The team should be very proud of this achievement and will now be benefiting from improved collaboration right across the supply chain.”

Andy Butterfield, Director of Built Environment, Product Certification at BSI

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To learn more about how Mabey Hire’s digital engineering capabilities can help you deliver your projects more quickly, safely and efficiently contact us today

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