Mabey certified to ISO 37001


International bridging manufacturer amongst first to be certified to new global ethical business standard

Leading bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey announces today that it has become one of the first companies in the world to be independently certified to the ISO 37001 anti-bribery management systems standard.

Infrastructure organisations around the world are calling for public sector clients and contractors to help fight bribery and corruption by adopting the new standard and promoting an ethical business culture.

The certification, provided by LRQA, a leading independent professional assurance services organisation and member of the Lloyd’s Register Group, has been awarded to Mabey’s modular bridge business which designs, manufactures and distributes bridges across the UK and 140 countries around the world from its factory in Gloucestershire.

ISO 37001 is only awarded to those companies that can demonstrate that an anti-bribery management system is in place to prevent bribery and corruption risks. This new standard builds on the British Standard 10500, which was awarded to Mabey’s modular bridge business in 2012.

International construction and engineering associations helped develop the standard including the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, the European Construction Industry Federation and the European International Contractors Association (EIC).

EIC Director Frank Kehlenbach said: “The new ISO 37001 standard is a milestone and offers contractors and clients alike a big opportunity to introduce management systems which will reduce the risk of active and passive corruption considerably.”

Mabey Group chief executive Juliette Stacey added: “We often export to governments in developing countries where bridge infrastructure brings huge social and economic benefits. Our government and contractor customers need to be confident that their own efforts to stamp out corruption are supported by companies working in their countries. Our determination to work to the best ethical standards is evident with the award of the new ISO 37001.

“No organisation is immune from the risk of bribery and increasingly industry groups are calling on customers to engage suppliers that hold ISO 37001. We support that call. If we can compete on the same terms as everyone else, we will be able to increase exports and bring the benefits of quicker, safer and more efficient travel to more people.”

LRQA’s UK & Ireland Area Operations Manager said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Mabey and demonstrates they have implemented clear anti-bribery prevention measures. With bribery being a significant business risk in many countries, achievement of ISO 37001 verifies they are managing their bribery risks.

“One of the essential components of ISO 37001 is to implement an anti-bribery policy, which becomes an essential element of an organisation’s business ethics. By gaining ISO 37001 certification, this ethical commitment by Mabey’s modular bridge business will enhance its corporate reputation and help to avoid the high cost and reputational damage that can result from involvement in corruption.”

Notes to editors

Background to ISO 37001

ISO 37001 is the newly published management systems standard that specifies the measures which an organisation should put in place to prevent bribery in relation to the organisation’s activities.  It is part of the same group of management systems standards as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management.

In order to comply with ISO 37001, an organisation must implement a series of management measures, including the adoption and communication of an anti-bribery policy, training and guidance for employees, appointing a compliance manager, undertaking risk assessment and due diligence, controlling gifts and hospitality, implementing effective procurement, commercial and financial controls, and instituting reporting and investigation procedures.

Compliance cannot provide assurance that no bribery has occurred or will take place in relation to an organisation however, the standard can help establish that the organisation has implemented reasonable and proportionate measures designed to prevent bribery.

ISO 37001 is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the independent, non-governmental international organization.

About the EIC

European International Contractors was actively involved in the ISO Working Group which developed the new ISO 37001 world standard on “anti-bribery management systems”. EIC is the only European federation representing the interests of internationally active European contractors at the EU and global level.

EIC is committed to actively contributing to anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and measures world-wide and calls for a level playing-field for European international contractors on the global construction markets.

About LRQA

LRQA is a member of the Lloyd’s Register group. LRQA is a leading independent provider of professional assurance services including assessment, certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards, schemes and business improvement services to include customised training and assurance programmes.

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